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Dr. Fone

If talking about a data recovery app, then Wondershare Dr. Fone is a reliable application for data recovery. Dr. Fone is the most popular data recovery tool. With this wonderful data recovery tool, you can easily recover your important files from your android device or iOS device. Hence, it’s an effective tool for recovering your lost data from your smartphone.

An eminent organization developed this helpful tool and is a well-featured app. Also, lots of people around the globe are using this app. So, in case while using your smartphone accidently you delete your important data like pics, files, or other personal files. In that case, what you can do is easily recover your data with Dr. Fone Crack. So, no need to worry at all!

Wondershare Dr. Fone Crack is a simple and helpful app. With the help of this app you can very easily retrieve your lost data in seconds. Apart from android device, you can also recover data from iOS devices. Just use this app and retrieve data from your iPhone, iPod, iPad.

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Wandershare Dr. Fone Crack

Dr fone is an application for windows desktop and MAC. Additionally, it’s a simple application for recovering your lost data from your smartphone. Also, Dr. Fone Crack, works superfine with both Android and iOS devices. With this fine app, you can recover data from your iPhone, iPad, or the 4th Gen. iPod touch. Also, it can retrieve data from iPhone 4, 4S, iPhone 5, 6. Further, it can recover data from iTunes backup of all other iOS devices, and the newer iPads as well.

Since, the crack is a previously hacked and modified app done by cracker. So, the actual program’s exe is modified form. Also, the crack is bigger in size compared to the original file.

Key features of the Dr. Fone App

Recover various data: With this data recovery app, you can recover most of lost android data like deleted contacts, messages, pictures, files, WhatsApp messages, music, and all other important data.

Support almost every android device: It supports so many android devices. Hence you can use this app for recovering your data from your android device easily.

Recover data from a Rooted also Unrooted android devices: This app works fine with rooted and unrooted android device. Also, it doesn’t make in changes on it. Therefore, rooted device will remain rooted and unrooted device will remain so.

Recover lost data on SD card: With your android device or using a card reader you can recover data from your SD card.

It’s a safe and easy app: Since it only reads data on your android or iOS, hence it doesn’t modify anything on your device.

Simple and user-friendly: It’s a simple app. You can easily operate this app. Also, the interface of the app is user-friendly hence there are no hassle to operate the app.


Data recovery from your android device for Windows Users

  1. Before you start, just connect Your Android device:

First of all, launch the Dr. Fone app for Android devices on your PC. Also, choose Data Recovery option in app. Now use a USB cable to connect your Android device to your PC. Also, make sure that USB debugging on your Android device. In case you own an Android, device having Android OS version 4.2.2 or over, then there should appear a pop-up, tap on OK.

  1. Choose a file type for scan

When you connect your android device successfully then Dr. Fone will show you all data types which it supports. However, it has checked every data type due to default behavior. Anyways, you can choose a data type you want to recover. So, just choose the desired data type. Now tap on the “Next” button. 

  1. Now begin to scan your device for finding the lost data

With this app, you can choose between two modes of data recovery. One it the “Standard Mode” and the second is the “Advanced Mode”. Though you can choose any desired mode but we recommend you to choose “Standard Mode” as it’s faster.

In case if it fails to find the files then you can choose the “Advanced Mode”. After choosing a mode please tap on “Start” which starts analyzing and scanning the device. It may take some time to scan your files. Remember in case you get a Superuser authorization pop-up while scanning allow it by clicking on the Allow. 

  1. Find and recover your lost data

When it completes scanning your device then shows you the results of lost data. Then inspect the items it shows carefully after it just click “Recover” for recovering and saving it on your PC.


Part 2. Recover your data from SD card on Android:

  1. Connect a micro SD card via your Android device or a card reader

Now to recover data from SD card just launch the Dr. Fone app on your PC. After it launches just click on the Android SD Card Data Recovery located at the bottom part of the app. Further, connect the SD card to your PC. Either you can use a card reader or just use your Android phone to connect it with your PC. After it detects your SD card a window shall appear. Now chose SD card then click on “Next”.

  1. Choose a Mode for scanning

For recovering your data, you can choose from two modes. The Standard mode and the Advanced mode. Start scanning with Standard mode first if it fails to find your lost data then try the Advanced mode. After selecting a mode just click on the Next button for scanning your SD card.

     3. Now you can selectively preview and recover your data

When the procedure of scanning your data finishes, you can see the found files category wise. Next, to see just click on different data types which shown on left sidebar. With it you can see various corresponding results. Also, you can check or un-check any files selectively. After you finished choosing the required file to recover just click on “Recover” for recovering your data.


Part 3. Recover your Android data on Mac

  1. Before you begin just download and install the app on your Mac

After downloading and installing the app just launch it on Mac.

  1. Now connect your Android device

Now when after launching the app just connect your Android device with your MAC using a USB cable. After you connect it successfully the app will detect it automatically.

  1. Choose a file type for scanning

After you do the above steps successfully your program should be ready to scan your device. Moreover, you can choose your files selectively.

  1. Now scan your device and recover the data

After everything goes perfect the app should start scanning your device. Now after the scan the it displays results category wise you can choose your files which you want to recover. Finally, select your app which you want to recover then click “Recover” to retrieve your files.

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