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Download Latest Firefox Offline Installer

Firefox Offline Installer 64 Bit and 32 Bit Free Download for Wi

2 Easy Ways To Download Latest Firefox Offline Installer

Mozilla Firefox is both a free web browser. It was developed by the Mozilla Foundation and its subsidiary in the year 2002.

It has versions available for Linux, OS X and Windows. It also has versions available for Android phone and Firefox OS.

To install it on your system, you need an additional software.

You can install your Mozilla Firefox with the help of Stub installer. But when you have to install Firefox on a number of computers in a series, then technicians recommend installing Firefox only with an Offline Installer.

The reason they provide is that you will need an active internet connection to install Firefox with a Stub installer, so if you don’t have internet access, you can’t install Mozilla Firefox. While as on the other hand, they say that if you have to install Firefox on a single computer, then it is better to use the Stub Installer because it downloads the latest version of Mozilla Firefox.

The Firefox Offline installer saves your bandwidth and you can again and again download the setup, but this is not possible in case of Stub installer.

How to download Firefox installer from Mozilla’s website or official Mozilla FTP servers?

You can download the Firefox Offline installer from Mozilla’s website or from official Mozilla FTP servers.


From official Mozilla FTP servers

The procedure to download Firefox installer using Mozilla FTP servers is as follows:

  1. Go to the official FTP location of Mozilla Firefox i.e., mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.org/firefox
  2. Now visit releases directory to get a latest stable version of Mozilla Firefox
  3. Here you will come across all previous versions of Mozilla including beta and Stable versions. Each edition has its own directory, but you have to check the directory for latest version.
  4. Now the question remains how will you recognize and select the latest version of Firefox. The version which is not having letter ‘b’ in its name is the one you need to download. The latest version is   Firefox 22.

From Mozilla’s website

The second Procedure to Install Firefox Offline installer is as follows

  1. Visit firefox.com
  2. Click on Systems & languages
  3. You will be directed to another webpage
  4. The page lists languages and their corresponding downloads for each Windows, Linux and Mac OS.


How to use the Firefox offline installer to download Mozilla Firefox 

  1. Go to Systems & Languages page to select operating system and language for Offline Installer
  2. In case you are using Microsoft Edge or Microsoft Internet Explorer, you will see a notification bar on your screen
  3. You have options to save or run the file
  4. Now click on Run to initiate the process.

If you are using some other version of the browser, then first of all save the

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