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Download Quick Heal Total Security 2017 Crack with Activation Key

Download Quick Heal Total Security with Crack plus License Key

Quick Heal Total Security 2017 is one of the powerful antivirus tool that confers malware protection. Also, it keeps your confidential information safe and secure. Quick Heal Total Security 2017 is a most demanding antivirus software among PC users. Further, PC and data security has emerged as one of the major IT concern in today’s world. So, to fight against such rising threats there is need for a tool which has such potential. In addition, the tool should also be able to create a shield between potential threats and your device.

So, in that realm Quick Heal Total Security 2017 is an option which provides all the features and protect from all types of malware attacks. You can rely upon the security of your system whether browsing internet, doing offline activity or any other. Moreover, no doubt that Quick Heal Total Security 2017 is a powerful antivirus package. However, if you want to download Quick Heal Total Security Crack 2017 with activation keys then browse here to get it.

Quick Heal Total Security 2017 – Description

Developed and offered by Quick Heal Technologies, Quick Heal Total Security 2017 is a cloud based security suite that serve high performance. Further, it is one of the reliable and most trusted antivirus program which has ultimate security features. It is a lightweight application with strong safety features that protect from both offline and network-based threats. Not only multi-dimensional protection it provides to your desktop and laptops, also it ensures full-fledged internet safety. Quick Heal Total Security 2017 antivirus comes with various enhancements over the earlier versions. In addition, it is capable of removing all types of malwares from your smartphones, laptops, PC, and tablets.

Moreover, Quick Heal Total Security 2017 antivirus has anti-phishing features which enable it to safeguard your credentials from hacking. Further, this antivirus program provides a safe environment for securely browsing internet and do other online activities. In addition, it effectively prevents spreading of malwares such as Trojans, spyware, virus, adware etc. In nutshell Quick Heal Total Security 2017 is a program which enhance PC performance and flushes out malicious contents.

Apart from access to powerful malware removal features you also avail many other important features like cloud services. Using the cloud feature you can backup your important data and do other related activities. Further, with this application you can safely do online activities like online banking, shopping, etc. without concerning about security of your ids and passwords.

Quick Heal Total Security 2017 – Key features

  • Efficient and smart antivirus engine which enable it to remove malwares quickly and easily from computer system. It’s effective for removing viruses, spyware, Trojans, etc.
  • Embedded with additional features including Anti-rootkit, Antimalware, Anti-phishing, silent firewall features.
  • Also, the smart scan feature of the program avoid scanning a previously scanned object that has not been changed.
  • In addition, it has a feature to scan external drives like pen drives to protect computer from potential infection.
  • Also, through the Sandbox browser features of the antivirus you get secure web browsing environment.
  • Disable unauthorized activities on system and prevent malware intrusions.
  • Also, the parent control features of the application allow to have complete control over what children can access on the system.
  • Cloud features of the program help in data security and safeguard your emails also prevent phishing activities.
  • Total online safety and complete malware protection.

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Requirements for the application

  • Require 1 GHz processor for Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10.
  • For Windows XP/2000 Professional require 300MHz or above.
  • Windows 8.1/10/7/8 (for 64-bit): RAM space 2GB.
  • Also, 1GB RAM space for Windows 8.1/10/8/7 (32-bit version).
  • Microsoft Windows XP & 2000 Professional: Min RAM space require 512MB.
  • Free Hard disk space: Min 2.25GB.
  • Should have a DVD drive.
  • Internet Connection.

Supported systems

  • All of the Windows systems including 10, 2000 Professional, Vista, XP, 7, 8, 10, and 8.1 (at 64-bit & 32-bit) Macintosh also.